roboRio2 Imaging Keeps Failing

Been trying to image a roboRio2 all day now and after going through all the troubleshooting steps, it keeps on doing the same thing where it will start formatting, hit a certain point, and then just stay there until it fails. Any possible suggestions or solutions?


Are you trying to use the imaging tool or using the SD Card method?

The roborio imaging tool

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the one it came with

ah wait i think i get it now

Ignore that question. You need to use the SD card imaging method. The tool doesn’t work with the 2.0s as far as I’ve ever been able to work out.


Is it the method of flashing to the sd card and all that

The way to get an image on the RIO 2.0 is by using something like Belena Etcher and then imaging the file (found via the little directory icon in the imaging tool) directly onto the SD card.


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