RoboRio2 Issues

We have having a problem with the Roborio v2. Things have been working fine but today (and maybe earlier but not spotted) the navx plugged into the RR MXP port is not powering on. Also, the analog ports don’t seem to be working. However, intermittently the navx will power and and analog starts working…and moments later the navx power is off and analog quits. Now while this is going on, other RR functions are working as we can operate the robot and read our encoders, digital inputs etc.

Powering off and back on does not power the navx and analog does not work. Yet while pondering the problem I have seen the navx power up and analog work and they work for a few minutes then you see that navx lights are off and analog has quit.

Does the DS show any rail shorts? Its the last tab on the bottom. Also, the power light on the rio is green the whole time? That sounds a lot like one of the rails is shorted or browning out.


Ok. The power light is on all the time. The tab on DS does show a problem:
Comms 3 6v 0 util 50%
12v 3 5v 4 Bus Off 0
5v 3 3.3v 0 Tx Full 0

There is a red undetrline and black highlight on the 12v line. I do not know how to interpret this.

When you say “rails”, what are you referring to?

He is just referring to the voltage bus for whatever voltage a regulator is supplying. Everything that needs 5V would be on a 5V rail, everything that needs 12V a 12V rail, etc.

Is that something internal to the Rio?

Ah! Found it. Somebody plugged a DIO input in backwards.

For reference, it’s recommended to check the RoboRIO status LEDs. The power LED will be RED if there’s a power fault, as in the situation you described. More info on the RoboRIO LEDs can be found in the RoboRIO user manual.

Thanks. I was pretty sure it was green but now I’m not so sure. Just another new situation to add to the database.

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