roboRIOs cannot connect to labview

We use NI’s roboRIOs to control our robot. However, all five of the roboRIOs have stopped functioning correctly in the span of one or two days.
We cannot connect to our target in LabVIEW. This was usually fixed when reimaging the RIO or reinstalling the firmware.

We have tried almost everything we could do:

  1. we made sure the network address was correct
  2. we swapped computers, swapped the cables
  3. power recycled over and over
  4. redid the electrical wiring
  5. swapped the RIOs

and only discovered that all of our RIOsdo not work.

The interesting thing is that we still have comms, but we just cannot connect to the target.

The only thing in common with the RIOs was that they had the recent roboRIO 2022 v. 4.0 image installed on them, which is why we suspect an issue with the recent image.

Are any other teams having such issue?

How are you trying to connect? Ethernet? USB? Through the radio?

Is the code you’re loading the same across roboRIOs? What’s the processor utilization of your code?

This may explain it: Waiting for Target to Respond - Recovering from bad loops — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

we’re trying to connect via usb b.
we have wireless comms via radio too.

no, it was like that for different programs.
we tried three different labview projects that all worked beforehand.

Are you using the local ip address in your Labview periphery, or the USB ip address?

local, i believe.
the target’s ip address is (our team is 5411)

or roboRIO-5411-FRC.local

Is LabView up to date? Eg have you installed the 2022 f1 update to all the machines you are deploying code from?

yup, they are.

When you are connecting via USB, the target in the Labview project should be the ip address.

Can you ping your roborio at the address when connected by ethernet or radio?

Have you used NIMax to confirm the Rio is set to static and the 10.54 address?

i could ping my bot when saying

ping roboRIO-5411-FRC.local

and no, i have not used the ni max. I have just searched it up but i cant seem to find a document about that. Do you possibly have a link to the document?

also, do you know how it worked when the target ip address was set to be roboRIO-5411-FRC.local?

ok, we’ve changed ip address to and it still didnt connect.
I will try uninstalling then reinstalling labview.

I’m wordering if this is the same issue we saw last night and posted about here: Build Successful but not deploying - #15 by pchild

We’re Java not Labview, but the behavior sounds the same.

same for us - we xan build but not deploy.
but for us reimaging rio did not work

also we have uninstalled frc gametools and labview then reinstalled it, and same problem.

we changed ip address from then then roboRIO-5411-FRC.local but none worked

lol i fixed it
i imaged it over the ethernet lol
actually i tried it with the usb b and now it works, so the problem wasnt the cables.

I found that disabling the wifi adapters allowed this fix.

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