RoboSpartans 4639 reveal 2018

Here’s our competition robot, unnamed as of now.

85lbs as pictured
16+fps mecanum drive train.
Positive cube intake/vault outtake.
Secure cube holding while driving.
Dual mini-cim Switch catapult.
6 second solo climb from front or sides of rung.
Hook and move ability to allow partners to set up ramps or whatever in the middle of platform and still allow us to climb.
Ability to hook on anything with a resemblance to the rung or box tubing.
Dual 775pro winch with more than enough power to lift us.
Portal wings for fast secure human load.
Sick LED lights.
Strategy compatible with any alliance partner setup
Mounting points for cheesecakes.
Multiple copies of critical mechanisms for quick replacement between matches.

Good luck!

Competing at: Lone Star Central and Alamo regionals

Link to more pictures:

Here’s a quick video of our v1 climber before we fixed the hook arm motor.