Robospartans 4639 week 4

Quick video of our progress so far for 2016.

See yall at lonestar and alamo.

It is illegal to shoot boulders while you’re on your own side. Are you shooting over the defenses just to show the force of your shooter?

Source: Q775

Yeah, we were really just testing how well it intakes the boulders off the floor.
The arm is going to be on an actuator that we are waiting to get in the mail.

impressed you have a real field. uber jealous…

It’s really nice. We share the build space
With 4 or five other frc teams and some vex/ftc stuff.

We also have a nice 3 axis mill and a smaller lathe onsite that have been pretty helpful.

Really neat compact robot. Are you able to shoot high goal also?

Yes. The shooter is attached to two arms that are going to be driven by a DART actuator as soon as it comes in the mail.
We have been testing different distances and angles and it is very accurate. We can hit high goals from the far side of the outerworks consistantly.(even though it is illegal)

The arm also doubles as the device to open the portcullis and drawbridge and sally port.

We are working on implementing a climbing mechanism that we have been testing as well.