Robot Actions [G25]

In [G25], “Robots may not contact or otherwise interfere with the opposing Alliance Bridge.” Does anybody know if this includes blocking opposing alliance’s access to it’s own bridge without contacting bridge?

So if robot was on Blue Alliance, could that robot sit in front of Red Alliance bridge (not in Red’s alley) without having a foul called on them?

Thanks for the assistance!

I think that would be fine as long as your alliance isn’t blocking both ramps which is against the rules

Yes, you could, but be careful about Blockading, [G23], or touching the robot coming off the ramp (as in you get a penalty if you touch the robot while it is touching it’s alliance ramp) under [G28] with exemption from [G44] (as in THEY can CAUSE you to incur fouls in this instance).

So at this point, the only time you wouldn’t get a foul is if they get off their ramp, at which point attempting to block them is moot and it turns to an issue of pinning (see [G29]).