Robot almost solos match at FIM Milford!!!

Here is a video of our robot (5460; the green one). In this match we are all over the field. Matched up against 33 and 51 we go cube for cube and, eventually, have 9 cubes up on the scale and balanced in our favor. In a last minute attempt to score more points, we dance around our disabled alliance partner and put a cube in the exchange for the levitate.
But watch for yourself.

Good job guys!


Why did you not consider taking their switch from them, since you were being 2v1’d on the scale?

Wow. Wow. Wow! I’m impressed. Your robot looks really good and your drivers are top notch.

Are you sure your team name is Strike Zone, and not Stryke Force? You guys were playing an awful lot like the latter in that match! 9 cubes on the Scale in a match is impressive for 2 robots to do…

From our scouting data we had going into the match, we knew we were not likely to win, so we decided to show off our robot instead.

Thank you! We do get called Stryke Force on several occasions.