Robot-Appendage Balancing

In brainstorming ideas for an effective active balancing solution, while considering constraints such as limited to no mobility when three robots are on a bridge, I stumbled upon the idea of counting the entire super structure of the robot as an appendage. This would allow a team to shift the majority of a robot’s weight (all but the chassis) up to 14" in either direction of center.

With the understanding that this may soon become illegal, what are the thoughts on this system?

PS: Having just today tested our bridge’s balance using an old robot, we realized how much more difficult this will be than we originally thought, especially if balance adjustments require driving the robot.

Cheers, Istvan.

As long as the entire body moved as one piece, then this would count as one appendage.

How do you plan on going about doing this? Would you have a giant hinge on which the entire robot rests, with a few pneumatic cylinders on either side controlling the tilt? Perhaps a huge servo? Any plans?

This is a brilliantly creative idea!

Have you considered attaching outward facing metal half-pipe shaped grooves or attachments to the base of your superstructure, and sliding grippy wheels into said grooves? You could then power those wheels to slide the position of your superstructure. You might also consider having some sort of little piston at each end to stop the structure from shifting until the endgame.

Cool idea btw, even if you don’t end up using it. Rock on!

How do you plan on going about doing this?

I don’t know that we will be using it, but my initial thought on how to do it would be to use a lead screw (probably with a window motor) and slide it on rails. This would allow the robot to be solidly fixed during a match while allowing for control during operation.

Thanks, Istvan.