Robot Arena 2

Hey everyone,

I know that there is a pretty large Anti-Battlebots sentiment on these boards but I figured I would post here because we are all robot nuts!

Yesterday I took an afternoon off from work in order to recover from a cold that I had, and in my boredom I ran across a game called Robot Arena 2. I downloaded the game and it is phenomonal. Essentially you design battlebots and then you compete against other battlebots using your designs. Now, admittedly, I’m not much of a computer game fan, but I’ve been absolutely hooked on this game since i bought it. Its a really cool way to enjoy the small little perks of competition. The design feature is flexible enough to allow for some excelent creativity, and the game play is easy and customizable. You can check it out at

Anyhow…enough of me plugging the game. I was wondering if anyone else on the boards has found this game. I’ve already become good enough to kick the crap out of the computer so im looking for a little competition to take on my “Gael Force” army of battlebots. Feel free to drop me a line on AIM at QuietRiverRage1.

-Andy Grady

I own and love the first one. There are a bunch of wicked cool things you can change. I’ll take a trip to staples to see if they have the second one sometime soon.

I have not played it in a long time though.

I do have Robot Arena and I have not played that along time either.

aewsome iv never heard of these games…

iv downloaded it, but im having a bit trouble installing. its not a “.exe”. its a “.py”
sorri, but im not to shabby with computers

Robot Areana doesnt nescerially go down to well with my team.

But during summer school, no one on the team was in s.s we created our own little lan ( the class we were taking was a networking class so, it was semi school related so they didnt bug us to much) and installed RA2 on each and blah blah and soo enough the whole class was hooked.

I feel as if it is a good game and it’s very good graphic wise, but if you dont have the video card to support it…it’s not all that good. We actually blew a card well just used up all the VRAM but for you non-computer savy people…we blew it haha.