Robot Battery Charging Stations Designs

Hello, I was hoping to get any designs, pictures or CADs people have of their battery charging stations. I have done a little bit of research on the forums and haven’t found a centralized forum where many people have posted their designs. Because of this, I was also hoping this post could help others create their own charging stations.

Thank you for the help!

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Ours is made of an old hand truck/appliance cart, with a plywood structure to mount to. Really small and maneuverable footprint, with good storage and charging capabilities for teams who don’t need 20 batteries. Unfortunately, we are one of those teams hahaha

Let me know if you need any measurements!


We built ours into the pit this year.


That’s actually a really slick design! I’ve seen a lot of the angled battery stations, but it confuses me because wouldn’t a horizontal shelf be able to fit more? If containment is a issue, a good strip of Velcro Hook and loop tape should be more than enough to keep it in.

Yeah we designed it to fit 8, but when we built it we had to settle for 6. I like how easy it is to pull them out at that angle. When I get back to. School in the morning I’ll post our old battery station we made out of a gladiator capinent.

The Lunacy wheels really make it. But the small size with one handle, while holding 6 batteries and a triple charger are nice features, also.

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Wow that’s really compact! I could definitely see that being waist or chest high with easily 2-4 times as many batteries!

But that’s not what it’s about…it has only six batteries because that’s what one person can easily transport with it, and two people can easily load into and out of my Tahoe. And we only need six batteries, and three charging ports.

There is years of thought in this design…we finally figured it out.

Here is our old modified gladiator cabinet.

Here is ours built on a dolly. Tried keeping it sleek. Easy to travel with cause you can lay it down also.


Great design!

Did you use MDF for the surfaces? I am hoping to build something similar with my team. How difficult is it to transport?

No MDF, just AC 3/4" plywood and 2x4. It is the easiest thing in the world to transport. Compared to our last 5 pieces pit set that took at least 30 to 40 minutes to tie down, our new 2 piece pit takes 15 minutes to strap down in the truck and 5 min to set up in the pit with tools and everything. Slide right in our trailer and comes right out pretty much all set up.

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Do you take the top and bottom apart when moving it?

Nope, just take everything out of the shelving and load both pieces in the trailer as is

Cool! Thanks for replying! Hopefully my team and I will build something similar in the offseason.

We currently use wire shelves on wheels. We have power strips managed to the underside of the shelf above. We then store other supplies in bins that go on the lower shelves.

We’re actually redoing our pit this year. It’s not going to be ready for Midwest but will hopefully be ready for Central IL. It’s more in line with what Foreshadow posted above.

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We played with commets 3357 and they use wire racks too. It’s awesome they just serane wrap up their pit and load out.

We wrapup the outside too. It does make packing up easy. The down side is that pulling larger bins off the bottom to find spare parts, material, etc, takes up a lot of space in the pit. If you’re trying to repair a bot, that space is already at a premium in a 10x10 pit.

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