Robot Box

can we use aluminium to build the box or only we can use plywood?

Welcome to CD Team 2576, good luck at your regional(s).

By box, I assume you mean shipping crate, and that information can be found in the administrative manual for the FRC, more specifically the shipping crate construction document.

I have seen several crates that were made out of aluminum. I saw pictures of one team that made their crate out of aluminum honeycomb board. Their crate was super light, super strong, and super expensive. I don’t think the really care what your crate is made out of, as long as it has no holes in it (meaning that the panels used are solid pieces, without gaps, etc.), fits in the specified dimensions, can be stacked, can be carried by a fork-lift, and is under the max weight. However, if you are shipping internationally, be sure to look at customs laws to see what your crate may be made out of.