Robot Build Log

We are throwing around the idea of creating a place for teams to upload video, pics, blogs, CAD, whatever about their teams and robot activities. Whereas TBA focuses on the competition and stat aspect, this would focus on the community. Each team would have a profile page where they can link all their social media sites, a team photo/logo, etc.

We did a mini version of this last year with our teams but we are looking to start from scratch and make it something the teams can actually use and visit.

I am looking for feedback. What features would be most important?

I think something like this would be incredibly useful. All the features you describe sound good to have on one page so teams can add whatever they choose.

I might also add a spot for “quick checking” statistics (i.e. seed at each event, WLT, alliance selection results), nothing too in depth. Also a place for upcoming outreach activities, workshops, etc. that teams are either hosting or attending.

TBA does currently let you add pictures/videos and link to social media sites. I thought there was some discussion previously about linking to CAD / code, but I can’t find it so I might be wrong.

I like the idea, but I’m sort of hesitant to add another website when it seems like there’s some overlap in what they do. I’m not sure if something like this could be integrated in with TBA / FRC Designs / other existing sites, but if that’s possible, it might make this less confusing.

While the idea sounds good in premise. Many teams like mine already have a blog while having social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to do the rest of stuff like that.

This is to not only to spread what we are doing to fellow robotics teams but also students, teachers, and administrators in our school as well as parents of team members and sponsors.

Creating a more isolated robotics social network in a way is cool but I am not sure if my team would put much effort into it.