Robot Builder CAN motor controllers missing

We don’t see any CAN options for motor controllers showing up in robot builder. We can move the Falcons in test mode with the driver station, and set the IDs with the tuner. However, when trying to set them up in the subsystem in robot builder, the drop down menu does not have any options for any CAN motor controller including Talon FX.

Any ideas?

I feel like we missed some extra libraries to install, but not sure where those or if on the CTRE site.

have you at least read or scan the WPILIB doc???

So you are referring us to this? 3rd Party Libraries — Documentação FIRST Robotics Competition

that is what he’s referring to. we’ve gone through that process and successfully added the 3rd party libraries to our vscode. however, in robot builder, when adding actuators, it only has PWM motors.

We were able to successfully program a couple CAN motor controllers and test it successfully. With the 2 year break, we have no veteran programmers and we’re hoping to lean on the code generation of robot builder.


Robotbuilder has support for classes built into to WPILib. It also has a plugin mechanism for third parties to add items, which some FRC vendors use. Particularly, CTRE includes the plugins in their installer

Just a general state of SW library IMHO - I get that WPILIB wants to mainly only focused on their stuff and wanted to let all the vendors do that own things (make sense since they can’t control the vendors). BUT someone (WPILIB?) really ought to do a better management job on making it a ton easier to managed all the vendors libraries. This is NOT for the high resource teams or teams that has mentors who are very versed in sw management stuff but for low resources team or teams that just doesn’t have those kind of knowledge or resources.

I’m looking at FIRST Technical Resource Team or WPILIB team and really hope someone from those folks can step up and take on those responsibilities. Yes this is NOT an easy process at all. And if those that have the knowledge are having problem managing them, imagine how all the teams that doesn’t have those kind of knowledge are having to deal with.

Thanks for the discussion. We have been a labview team for years, lost the students with skills to graduation and missed the chance to pass on the team knowledge with lower interest of new recruits last season. We did gain a professional Java programmer as a mentor, so felt the change to Java made sense for team and the new programmers. Honestly I feel like we are as well resourced as we have ever been! We just are lacking experience and hoping to save a little time in the busy season by posting on delphi for help. A quick post stating “It seems like you missed this link” is most helpful.

Thanks for the feedback. Some of the guides say a lot, and there is a lot of info to wade through. Sometimes too much information can hide the crucial information for lay people. We will report back once we get this figured out with the help posted here.

After a day off and good sleep, we reinstalled the phoenix stuff and restarted the computer and everything was working fine, CAN devices showing up.

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