Robot Builder Motor Controller Options

In Robot Builder, for the motor controllers, it only gives an option for PWM (ex. PWM Talon FX) and not CAN. WIll there be an option for having a CAN ID instead of Output Channel (PWM)?

CTRE’s Phoenix installer installs Robotbuilder extensions for their motor controllers that support CAN. I haven’t checked to see if they added the Talon FX this year.

We’re struggling to get any Talons to show up in RobotBuilder 2020…

-Installed WPILib 2020
-Installed Game Tools 2020
-Installed Phoenix Lifeboat & imported library to VSCode

Haven’t connected or deployed anything yet. Will edit this post through the afternoon as I figure out more details…

I did confirm that the CTRE devices show up, including Talon FX.

How are you launching Robot Builder?

I think my students only know how to launch it from inside VSCode, but I’m not on campus right now to verify. I’ll post back when I know more.

Thank you for confirming that everything should show up if we’re doing it right, that was my big question.

If you are using the 2019 VS Code, and launching the 2019 Robot Builder with 2020 Phoenix the extensions wouldn’t show up. Or if you had 2020 VS Code with 2020 Robot Builder and 2019 Phoenix, the extensions wouldn’t show.