Robot Bumper/Volume

I understand that bumpers are included within the robot volume, but are you allowed to build part of your robot above your bumpers at the same width as long as you stay within the volume. Kind of a confusing question, i know.

Starting Configuration is everything within your Frame Perimeter, and Bumpers covering your Frame Perimeter per to Bumper Rules.

Once the match starts, you can extend over your Frame Perimeter (including bumpers), as long as you stay within the maximum volume allowance.

You are allowed to extend anything you want as long as it stays within your robot volume. However, your robot must start the match with everything inside it’s frame perimeter (If you wrap a string around your robot without the bumpers on), your bumpers aren’t inside the frame perimeter so your mechanism would need to extend outside the perimeter after the match starts.

the physical configuration and orientation of the ROBOT at the beginning of the MATCH where no part of the ROBOT shall extend outside the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER, with the exception of its BUMPERS and minor protrusions such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc.

When placed on the FIELD for a MATCH, each ROBOT must be: confined to its STARTING CONFIGURATION,

There have been a number of questions about volume, and you could probably search to find more details.

You are limited to being one of the two sizes listed in the rules. If you want to change from one size to the other, you need to get reinspected.

That said, if you do not take up the whole of your selected volume, you can expand the ROBOT to fill up the volume. So if you made the ROBOT smaller than the max size, you could extend over and beyond the BUMPERS. Remember that at the start of the match, you are required to have all elements of the ROBOT except BUMPERS inside the FRAME PERIMETER. So you can’t extend above or beyond the BUMPER until after the match starts.

Using 6-inch corner bumpers will help tremendously with manipulating game pieces because you will not necessarily ever need to extend outside of the frame. Openings on the front and backs of robots are going to be pretty common this year as teams are trying to make the most out of the limited space available. Check out the 6-inch corner bumpers to see what you think:

Just remember that this year, the size of the robot isn’t specified, but the volume within which your robot must exist is. If you built your robot (including bumpers) to one of the two designated volumes, you won’t be able to extend arms, chutes, shooters, rope climbers, etc. beyond your bumpers.

But if you build a smaller robot, then once the match starts, you can extend beyond your bumpers as long as you stay within the specified volume.

Sort of a new concept on the size specification this year. I like it!