Robot Cameras

What Cameras are compatible with the C-RIO and Drivers Station? I know that the AXIS camera works, but which models? And are there any other brands or products that will work? Please answer soon. Thanks!

The brands that have been tested are the Axis 206 and the Axis M1011.

If you are willing to do the work to get a good electrical connection and modify WPILib, you can get other IP cameras that return JPG or MJPG or BMP formats to work. Be sure to look at camera latency, as many IP cameras are more SW based and tend to lag the real world by are far greater amount.

Greg McKaskle

Which of the two you mentioned is best? Specifically, which has the least lag time?

I believe they have similar performace, but the 206 is out of production.

The M1011 is easy to find, either thorugh Andymark or other online retailers.

How hard is it to edit/modify WPILib, and is that something that would take 20 minutes or a few days of work?

That would depend on how many mistakes you make.

I’d recommend using WireShark or a similar tool to log communication with the camera from a vendor utility. Combined with documentation from the vendor, you should be able to reverse engineer it in hours to a day or so.

Greg McKaskle

I suggest only make child classes that inherit the stuff you need. That is why polymorphism and inheritances exist. The camera library is essentially just a wrapper for the National Instrument’s library. You can’t modify much with the camera, its all NI’s proprietary library.

The vision processing or image analysis tools are built from the NI Image Analysis tools.

Getting images from the camera is straight up TCP calls to the camera’s HTTP server.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for the info and the fast replies! :slight_smile: