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Hello! I’m a 7457 programmer here! We just finished our rookie season much better than we expected, and for the robotics team for the rest of the year, we would like to make our team look more on-brand. My part of this job is the cart for the robot.

I was wondering what you veteran teams have done to make your cart look much better. Right now, our cart is just that. A cart. It’s just a piece of gray work and it does its job but we would like to be able to represent our team with it. Please leave any suggestions in the replies!

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Our cart is just painted our team color so far

I like 1197’s cart IDK if you can get a picture but it’s really nice. We have a cheap one from harbor freight that we like though

Does anyone have some CAD of a nice robot cart? Looking to get a new one alone with some pit carts this summer.

For the pit carts, I would recommend that if you have mobile tool chests to bring to comp. Then you can use those.

as a bottom for the tall mechanical (assembly) and all of a single one (electrical)

top of tall mechanical (assembly)

fabrication/mechanical/spare parts tool chest

All of our chests are wrapped so they look cool and green. If you go to the tall one and wrap it I would recommend to wrap them separately

We already own each of these. I was asking more about the robot cart that the technician drives around to the field, not the pit carts.

I know it was for @nmatthes

Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding!

If you want to look “on brand” then you should make sure that all of the carts/toolboxes in your pit look the same. In the case of the robot cart, you would probably end up making your own but copying the design of the toolboxes you already have. That’s what I would do.

Edit: LEDs, everyone likes LEDs

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