Robot Cart Ideas



It’ll probably be cheaper than trying to build the same yourself


Yea, I looked at that one, it was a little too much money for our budget. I think we found something we can use though.

We will just modify this for this year, since we do not have much of a budget left, and we have one already.


Our team built something out of 2x4s that resembled a shopping cart without the basket. the two wheels in the front swerved and the two in the back were stationary. it made lifting our heavy robot easy because it was close to the ground and it was easy to maneuver.


Alright, maybe you can come at the idea again next year or you may decide you want to keep it. (Like what happened to our cruise ship lol)


If you want more pictures or more information let me know and I can post that here!


We decided that we were going to use that cart that I sent a little earlier. Thanks anyways @Ginger_Power!


@L.Pisano Good luck at competitions dude!


Thanks, you too!


Thanks dude!


Whatever you do, please don’t make a cart that is motorized with a key ignition. One team did that at Del Mar and left it in the wrong place during a match where teams had to queue. Me and a student tried to drag it to a more suitable location and it was like it was anchored to the floor. When designing a cart you should take into consideration that we may need to move your cart out of the way and you may not be available to move it.


After doing a bit of team queuing, I heartily encourage teams to keep their carts as light and maneuverable when empty as is compatible with being sturdy enough to get the robot around the event. Getting two bulky carts past each other ranges from tight to impossible at different choke points around the arena. Having the ability to push it while standing (not just a rope on a furniture dolly) is also quite handy unless you are planning to pick it up when empty.