Robot Cart Wheel Diameter

Does anyone know the official regulations for the cart. We all think that the smallest diameter wheels is 3 inches. But the admin manual says nothing about the wheel size. Thanks everyone!

The only regulation on the cart wheels is that they can’t damage the floors. What made you think there was a rule regarding wheel sizes?

Edit: See Madison’s post. I was not aware of the PNW rules.

Page 19.

The wheel diameter requirement isn’t a rule from FIRST, it’s something that the PNW district requires due to the wire management raceways they use around the venues.

Thank you! That is exactly what we needed. :slight_smile:

Note that the rules in the PNW are for all wheels on anything you will roll around in the venue. 4" minimum and NO wheels with metal as the floor contact material. This is due to both the cord raceways and to prevent damage to the gym floors in the venues.