robot cart

Hi my name is jaleel and I was wondering if anyone in the first community has any specs or info on frc team 1787 robot cart?:]

Have you reached out to the team in question directly?

You might also try looking up their website via TBA or the FIRST site–there’s a post on there that might have a little bit of information. Not a lot, but a little.

And is there any particular reason that you’d like information on that specific cart? Particular features you’re interested in? Someone else might have a similar feature and be able to point you to their method of doing things.

They have a lift sysyem and our team wanted to do the same, due to every year the robot height may be different. And there control system for the lift.

I think you’re describing a cart similar to the one that 3256 was running at capital city classic. Maybe scour through their webpage or contact a member from their team.

It would be good to get in touch with someone from 1787 and/or 3256 and ask how they liked using it and how easy it was to transport.

A lift system could add a lot of weight making the cart more difficult to load and unload when going to competitions. It also adds a lot of cost and complication for an adjustment you will probably make only once a year.

DiscoBots (2587) used a cart with a low deck, about 8 inches off the ground. I think the original intent was to build a support structure each year to get the robot to a good working height but they ended up not doing that. Instead, they put a pair of grey totes on it to get the robot at a good working height. It was light enough and compact enough that two people could flip it upside down and slide it over the piles of totes and tool boxes in the back of a van. The totes would be filled with parts and tools needed at the competition. Being on the cart, they didn’t take up precious floor space in the pits. This design might not look as cool as one with a lift but it is more practical.

Hey I’m from 3256, and I thought I’d share our experience with our new hydraulic cart. I don’t have the exact specs of our robot cart, but I can find out on Monday. We got the idea from this video:

A quick search for hydraulic cart will give results similar to what we used this season

We actually got a cart that also had a powered drive, so we can turn a knob for the cart to push itself. Here are a few considerations when researching for a cart.

  1. Our cart is extremely heavy (probably due to the powered drive and battery) making it very difficult to load into our trailer and just to maneuver around.
  2. When our cart moves in reverse, it makes this extremely annoying beeping sound that then entire pit can hear…
  3. We rarely ever changed the height of the cart, but I expect it to be more helpful between seasons (especially between games like 2015 and '16)
  4. Like in the video, we had to create an elevated platform for the robot to sit on

In conclusion, I think you can skip the powered drive, but having the variable height can be very useful.