Robot Casserole 1736 video

Video of our launcher and forks.
This was taken last Sunday (2/9/08). :smiley:

Here’s from a while ago where you can see us knocking it off the overpass. Since then, we’ve improved that aspect a lot.

Good luck everyone in these last few days!

Thats a nice video. I like how its fast at picking up the
ball and can shoot it and knock it off. Does your team
plan on placing it on the overpass?

We are able to place it on the overpass by backing up a bit. In fact, our first few tests did that because we had some different gearing.

our school needs less strict website blocking standards… :mad: heh

No mad spin moves in that trailer like in last year’s regional :stuck_out_tongue:

how light is ur bot? it looks rly light. nice job. great job

Nice Bot, Do you have to be moving forward to make it over? Or is the launcher strong enough to make it over on its own ( I imagine from closer ranges )

On a full battery, we’ve gotten a ball over an overpass with three balls on it already. Unfortunately, we drain a battery fairly quickly.
It’s quite capable of making it over on its own, but it’s more fun when we’re moving.:slight_smile:

Last we weighed the robot, it was about 113lbs.

also, a week later, we realized that one of the pwm cables to a victor that controlled a launcher motor was bad. We’ve got a lot more power than shown in the video. :slight_smile: