Robot Characterization Data with Falcon500

I just want to make sure that all my settings are correct before I use this data. If anything looks off I would love to hear about it. This is our old robot which used Falcon 500s and I am currently using the WPILib PID Controller Class. This robot also uses a custom drivetrain. Just confirming whether this data looks feasible or not. I know it is subjective but I am just checking to see whether there are blatant red flags here.

Your data look fine, but if you’re going to use the feedback gains you’ll need to select the correct gains preset setting (and possibly modify it from there if you have changed any of your motor controller defaults).

In particular, you’re never going to have zero measurement delay - check the filtering settings on your velocity signal.

I’m so confused is this obtainable in Phoenix Tuner? Maybe the measurement delay probably should be .001s? In the docs it was at .08s though

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