Robot Characterization Issues: Execution failed for task ':extractTestJNI'

Whenever I try to deploy the robot characterization tool I get this error:

Task :extractTestJNI FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ‘:extractTestJNI’.

Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:nativeDesktopZip’.

Could not resolve com.ctre.phoenix:cci:5.17.2.

 Required by:

     project :

  > Could not resolve com.ctre.phoenix:cci:5.17.2.

     > Could not get resource ''.

How can I fix this?

Is the computer connected to the internet? And, if so, is it on a network with any kind of proxy or filter? Try getting onto a network, one that doesn’t have any weird filtering shenanigans.

That error looks like other errors I’ve seen from Gradle. It’s telling you that it’s trying to download a library but it can’t connect to the server it needs to get that package from.

Yah its trying to download a library but to be able to deploy you have to be connected to a robot without internet access. I think what you will have to do is open the characterization code in vs code and build it while connected to wifi, close vs code, and then reconnect to the robot’s wifi and use the button in the characterization gui to deploy again.

Just deploying from the characterization tool while connected to the internet should be enough. Don’t need to open VS Code.

Just in case anyone else runs across this problem – in VS Code, try WPILib --> Manage Vendor Libraries --> Check for updates (online)