Robot Characterization Issues

I just tried out the robot characterization tool from WPILib 2020. I entered my encoder pulses per rotation (AndyMark E4T, 360 counts per rotation) and wheel diameter (6in or 0.5ft) into the new project tool, generated it, deployed it, and started the Quasistatic Forward test after connecting. I stopped it after moving one unit, but it is off. Instead of moving 1 foot, it moves 4 inches. However, after trying to tune it, the results were exactly the same with really weird inputs. (eg 1000in wheel) What should I do to figure this out?

Note that the characterization tool requires you to specify edges per revolution, not cycles per revolution. Most likely, your encoder ppr parameter was too small by a factor of 4.

Changing the wheel size won’t change anything if you don’t regenerate the project before redeploying.

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