Robot Clearance

How much clearance does your robot have (meaning from the bottom of the wheel to the next intruding object up…)

Please also select which regionals you have left to go to.

Thank you,

Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. :wink:

I voted for between 1" and 1.5"; our 6WD drivetrain and “notched” front corners of our chassis allow our robot to have the ability to climb steeper ramps. We’ll be at UTC, and hopefully the Championships.

Our bot in week 3 of build:

There are 8 inches of clearance :stuck_out_tongue: Currently, we have the electronics and battery suspended about four inches below the chassis, so CoG isn’t as bad as it looks in this pic. We can climb 30 degree ramps fairly easily.

Our ramp scout is in charge of answering this question about all robots on Thursday morning at the competitions…and also providing the information sheet about our robot’s ramp and ramp climbing ability to all the other teams.