Robot climbing times

Ok whats you guess on how long it will take to climb to the top of the tower?

If our lead drivetrain/ climbing device mentor’s idea works like he says it might, below 4 seconds.

I would really like some insight on that idea.

Our current textbook strategy allocates ~40s for “end game”, which includes the time it takes to drive to the feeder station load 6 alliance discs, drive to the pyramid, climb it, and place them into the goal.

Dont miss one of the six beacsue it will cost you if you do

I’m sure we’ll post after either a successful or a failed prototype.

If you are successful you would be nuts to post this advantage until after build is done.

You might get yellow/red carded for this intentional rule violation.

The Head Referee may assign a YELLOW or RED CARD as a result of egregious ROBOT or Team member behavior at the ARENA.

Examples of egregious behavior include, but are not limited to, severe and/or repeated violations of a rule and inappropriate behavior.

Similar idea, but we would rather carry 4. No risk of negative points if you miss a disk, plus you don’t have to design for carrying 6, whereas the rest of the match you would be carrying 4 (assuming you are using the same mechanism for white and coloured disks, which may be a big assumption, but hey, what do I know?).

Last season (and I don’t know if there was a similar rule off the top of my head about repeated violations) teams would use the strategy of taking a 3 point penalty in automomous to hold and score the extra basketball from the bridge. They were net +3 points. It wasn’t considered to be an “intentional” rule violation, but a strategy. It wasn’t malicious or damaging, which is what I think the yellow/red card rule applies. If someone intentionally broke the hitting people while in the protected zone rule every match, to cause them to misfeed, that could be considered intentional rule violation.

Like who?

I believe 341 and/or 67 might have used this strategy last year in autonomous.

Since we went off topic pretty quick. 341 did it and were IMO the best all around robot in 2012.

Okay, I’m curious now. Got any video? :smiley:

None of the competitions I watched or attended allowed this (then again, they may not have had it happen). I saw teams that shot the balls in their robot and then picked up additional balls afterwards, but that is not a rule violation. Regardless, last year’s rulings have no bearing on this season’s so I would not rely on that as an argument for why it should be legal. If a team is serious about this strategy I would ask the Q&A about it.

Indeed, a robot that could climb in 4 seconds for a guaranteed 30 points is an assured 1st pick if they aren’t the top alliance captain. Most teams will have trouble lining up to hang from the bottom rung in 4 seconds!

I’m thinking more like 30 seconds to climb the top for an average climber. Most teams won’t be able to climb so that still puts you in the 95th percentile

Most Teams: Can’t climb to the top
Average for teams that can: 40-30 seconds
Above average: 15-20 seconds
Out of this world 5-10 seconds

4 seconds? Please.

I disagree. It’s completely possible. Not easy, but definitely possible.

I, for one, can’t say I would choose a robot which climbed at that speed unless their mechanism was absolutely rock.expletive.solid.

As gabriel pointed out in the other thread… a single bad fall could damage the robot to the point of requiring hours of maintenance to fix… something you just don’t have in finals.

Caution never killed anybody. Lack of it however…

I’d think any team building a mechanism to climb that fast would have the know-how to design it in such a fashion to not break.