Robot code does not work

when we try to download our code to the crio
!!! it download successfully … !!
but the Robot Code green light in the drive station doesn’t appear… !!
We did new imaging to the crio !! !! but it does’t work !!!
we want to define the crio to the windriver …
our code is correct without any error’s . …
so what should I do guys ?!!!
please help me ( FIRST Spirit ) <3 ::*:

We had the same issue earlier this year. Try commenting out newer parts of your code to see where the issue is. The error in the code may still let it compile but must be removed to allow code to run on the cRio.

Enable NetConsole output and look at the cRIO’s messages when it starts up. There is likely to be a runtime link error displayed about a missing function or other symbol. If you can’t figure out what it’s telling you, post the output here and someone will probably be able to interpret it for you.