Robot code simulation on Windows box with Windriver

I was wondering if anyone had advice on the best way to develop, build, and run a program locally on a computer without downloading the program to the cRIO. Obviously the WPILibs are not setup to work without the supporting hardware resources but I wanted to setup a simulation environment so concurrent development can happen on the project. I can easily override the WPILib classes to put a debug shim layer class in between the libs and our custom code.

Windriver has a VxWorks simulator that appears to be missing from the FIRST build. Another option would be to compile for a native build using gnu toolchain.

Wanted to know if there was some knowledge out there before I plowed my own road.

I believe this project is similar to what you are describing:

Yes, that is exactly the need that I’m trying to fill with that project. However, I am still in the process of porting the 2010 version of WPILib over to it, but if you’re doing anything that was present in the 2009 version it should work just fine (for the items that are supported).

Patches/improvements are always welcome. :slight_smile: Note that the code in SVN doesn’t work at the moment due to me changing around how I modify WPILib, but hopefully it will be less painful to import WPILib in the future.

Thanks for the link and generous contribution to help all FRC teams be more efficient.