Robot Code Won’t Deploy

Went to deploy robot code and got this. It builds fine on its own, but won’t deploy. I have pinged the rio, it works fine. What’s going on?

Theres more to that output. Scroll up in the output window.

Does this help?

Yes, it looks like it can’t find the roborio. Can you please post a screen shot of the Driver Station open to the diagnostics tab?

Keep scrolling up. Theres more above that, that will tell us if its a connection issue or a bad image issue.

You need to scroll higher

You appear to be using a 2019 image on your roboRIO. You need to re-image with 2023.

That’s what I kind of thought. I will reimage and reply with results! Thanks for all of your help

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I also note that your Driver Station laptop has firewalls enabled, which may (or may not) cause trouble sooner or later.

It’s also running the 2022 driver station, so the 2023 game tools needs to be installed to get the 2023 image.

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