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Hello everyone,

I’d like to show this collectible card concept, modeled after a football card my friend made. I used a still of our MSC alliance partner 2767’s robot. If the still and texture were higher res, it would work as a poster too.

The photoshop skills needed are basic masking, free transform, and layer adjustment. Most people with photoshop experience could make one in 1-2 hours.

I think collectible cards of teams’ robots would be an interesting idea (trade you a 118 for a 148, etc.) and we’re getting ESPN spots, so we’re entitled to sports cards too. Some searching tells me they’ve been done in the past (~2008) but didn’t catch on back then. What do you guys think?


For a more trading card game version of this, I highly recommend 4525’s FRC TCG, especially for Ontario teams

Since last year we have had trading cards for our robot. The front has a CAD render and our team info; the back has important robot stats/specs. We give them away to scouts and anyone else who’s interested.

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Texas torque 1477 has been doing this for years for all Texas teams that make it to worlds.

We have a couple hundred that they gave us for our team that sit in the pit up for grabs and they are a huge hit!


Interesting, I haven’t seen cards out in the wild at all yet, although I’ve only been to 2 competitions. Though I am envisioning them reaching pin status, with people carrying Pokemon card binders full of them with each team’s unique design.

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We did a photo sized hand out for districts, with basic capabilities:


I have several of those Texas team cards from 2016 still pinned up in my cube at work. They’re pretty awesome!

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