Robot Combat Webseries Kickstarter

Robogames just launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a new Battlebots/Robot Wars style webseries.

I’m sure there are at least a handful of people on CD that would be interested in a show like this, so I thought I’d spread the word on here, and encourage anyone interested to help back it.

Although the webseries will focus on the combat competition, the International Robogames is essentially the robotics equivalent of the Olympics, with nearly 60 different events, including miniature mech warfare, soccer(humanoid), firefighting, and hockey.

My college team has competed at the past three Robogames and I would be happy to answer any questions I can.

It was my understanding that RoboGames wasn’t around anymore, has this changed? I would be ecstatic if it has.

This was launched by the same people that previously hosted Robogames. If the project is funded there will be a 2015 Robogames. If it’s not funded, I’m unsure if they plan to go through with the event without coverage or not.

Well, I’ll be backing it in hopes of a Robogames 2015.

It hit 50% funded in less than a week, so that’s a good sign.