Robot comms issue

Hi everyone! Today when we were testing the robot, we experienced some strange communications problems. The robot is in Teleop, but randomly it would just lose comms or get disabled for a fraction of a second, and resume normal Teleop after. When I checked the Power and CAN status on the DS, it showed 1050 Comms errors… Rebooting the rio temporarily fixes the problem, but sometimes it still occurs. Is this a hardware/network issue, or a code error? Would this happen in a real match, and how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

You’ve checked firewalls? Other programs running in the background that might be trying to steal internet (CAD, sw dev programs, gaming sw)? Radio mounted in a clear position away from large amounts of metal and away from drive motors?

We are very tight on electrical space this year so the radio isn’t exactly mounted in an optimal position… It’s not far from the motors and next to a large amount of aluminum. However the problem is still there even when our motors are not running. Haven’t checked firewalls or background programs, but I don’t think there’s any since the config was the same as when it worked.

Motors put out a lot of noise. Check all background processes to see if something is trying to update. Latest version of wpilib and frc update suite?

I restarted the PC and it seems to have fixed the problem. Turns out Windows was doing something with the updates. Thanks for the help!

Nevermind, the comms issue is still there. We never had this issue before, even with the same robot construction, so I doubt its the motors. My friend suggested checking the wire connection and switching to a new radio (we’re still using last year’s), but since the robot’s bagged now I cant test it. Thanks for the help.

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