Robot Communication Struggle

Team 4741 is building an off season robot project. We are having trouble getting communications? We connect to the radio over the WiFi and when we open the driver station we have no communications. We have tried re imaging the roborio and we have swapped roborios and we still do not get any communications. We have also swapped radios as well and that has been unsuccessful as well. If anyone can help us it would be very appreciated.

Are you using a static IP or DHCP?

You can check by connecting to (assuming your roboRIO is imaged with your team number) over wifi or over USB and going to networking settings

Does it work if you connect directly to the Rio over USB?

I am not the lead programmer and I just started programming and setting this all up. So i do not know what either of those are.

It does not work if we connect directly over USB but we can download code over USB.

Can you post an screenshot of the diagnostics tab on the driver station?

Also, can you try hooking it into USB and typing into your web browser and click enter. Then click the image of an ethernet cable and post a screenshot of it here.

Hmm. This sounds like a problem with your driver station software.

Is Windows Firewall disabling it from communicating perhaps?

we had a similar issue at state this year, we did what you did but what it ended up being was certain loops in the program were piling up and the roborio was under so much stress that it would die and we could not reconnect. how it was fixed was by telling those loops to reset every millisecond and that kept the loops from putting to much stress on the rio at any one time.

We have windows firewall turned off.

How would I program those loops into the program?

I would need to ask my programing mentor about it, I do not know much about programing I was just saying that the problem sounded similar ours and how we fixed it. what programing language do you use so I can ask him later tonight

You could test that theory by deploying a very very simple test robot code program to the RoboRio and see if it runs.

Like just create a sample TankDrive program and deploy that.

Is your team number set on the driver station?


Ooh good call!


ok same for us, let me ask my mentor tonight


You can collect some more basic information.
For instance, take a screenshot of the information located on the Driver Station Diagnostic tab when you are trying to connect to the roboRIO, e.g.,

Also, connect to the roboRIO via USB, then fire up the roboRIO imaging Tool just to verify the image version and the firmware version running on the roboRIO.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take: For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

ur connected to the radio, but not the robot so its probably gonna be something with the rio and or ethernet cable between the two. Check to make sure there is a green and orange light on the Ethernet port with the cable plugged in

But they said they were able to deploy code. That means that the RoboRio is talking to at least the software environment.