Robot Communications at the Championship

I’m sure FIRST has got this covered, I’m just interested so I thought maybe someone could shed some light on this subject:

with 4 fields running simultaneously fairly close to each other, is it necessary to set up the communication in a special way to avoid communication problems? if so what do you imagine (or know) this configuration to be?

would a WiFi expert look at this setup (24 robots running simultaneously on 24 different networks) and see a potential problem, or would he shrug it off as a non-issue?

I’d appreciate to learn more about the advantages and limitations of the 802.11n protocol and the configuration used.


Not having been there, I can’t say for sure, but I believe CMP runs the fields one at a time, running one while the others are resetting. Also, in my experience 802.11 is fairly forgiving of multiple networks sharing channels in close proximity.

Nope, it’s 4 fields simultaneously. Or pretty darn close, depending on match schedule and how far ahead or behind each field is schedulewise.