Robot Communications issues


We have been having an issue where after the robot has been on for a bit of time (time varies), the Drive Station reports no robot Communications or Robot code.

Our computer remains connected to the robot WiFi, the diagnostics tab of the driver station reports a connection to the robot and robot radio, and our camera still updates.

This issue happens even when we are tethered to the RIO via USB or Ethernet and can only be resolved by a restart of the Robo-RIO.

Have you tried updating to the 2018v17 image of the RoboRIO? This was a fairly common problem on v16 but that image seemed to fix it for most of us.

Thank you. We are running version 16. Is there a way of getting the new image without fully re-installing the NI suite?

Not that I’m aware of. It’s possible that it will detect you have much of the 2018 update suite installed already and not take as long, but I think you do just have to run the new installer.

Besides the image version of the RoboRIO, you might also want to check your battery’s voltage. Communication is sometimes related to low voltages in the robot.

Can you try with a freshly charged battery and leave the DS connected for a while (without moving the robot’s motors)?

Have you checked the power supply to the roboRIO? Are the wires correctly fixed to both the PDP and the roboRIO power supply terminals?

Let us know your findings.

Thanks, everyone-our roboRIO is now completely functional! It was a mixture of bad wiring and bad image