Robot Connection Resetting

Recently, my team has noticed our robot’s connection resetting itself for no apparent reason and giving us the following output in the console:
Connection reset at edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.CameraServer.serve(

I’m assuming there is something wrong with the camera code, but I have no idea what.

Here is the code we are using:

package org.usfirst.frc.team4968.robot;

import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.CameraServer;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.SampleRobot;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.RobotDrive;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.Joystick;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.Timer;
import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.Victor;

 * Robot Drive sample code, modified by Ryley Ongarato for use by the Robohawks/team 4968's robot.
 * Allows robot to be driven arcade style and Microsoft vision camera to be displayed on frc dashboard (cameraHW).
 * Also allows for a crate to be grabbed via the grabbing system, and (WIP) lifted via the lifting system.
 * Features a brake(button 1) and a one axis camera.
public class Robot extends SampleRobot {
    RobotDrive myRobot;
    Victor grabSystem = new Victor(2);
    double grabSystemSpeed;
    Victor liftSystem = new Victor(3);
    double lifeSystemSpeed;
    Victor camAxis = new Victor(4);
    double camAxisSpeed;
    Joystick stick;
    Joystick leftstick;
    CameraServer server;

    public Robot() {
    	myRobot = new RobotDrive(0, 1);
    	stick = new Joystick(0);
    	leftstick = new Joystick(1);
    	server = CameraServer.getInstance();
    	server.setQuality(30);						//Camera Compression rate/Quality
    	server.startAutomaticCapture("cam0");		//the camera is displayed on the frc dashboard as cameraHW.

     * Basic Autonomous Drive at speed x for x seconds.
    public void autonomous() {
        myRobot.setSafetyEnabled(false);, 0.0);					// drive forwards at (x) speed
        Timer.delay(1.0);							// for (x) seconds, 0.0);					// stop robot after x seconds

     * Runs during Teleop mode. This code drives the robot via arcade steering. Also includes the brake, lift, and grabbing code.
    	public void operatorControl() {
    	while (isOperatorControl() && isEnabled()) {

    	//-------------------------Robot Drive-------------------------//
    		if (stick.getRawButton(1)){
            	myRobot.arcadeDrive(stick.getX() * 0.3, stick.getY() * 0.3);		//Brake (stops motors, will flip robot at high speed)               
            	System.out.println("Button 1 pressed!");       	 
        	else{ myRobot.arcadeDrive(stick.getX() * 0.5, stick.getY() * 0.5);		//Arcade style driving, using the right stick with speed capped at 50%
        //-------------------------Grab System-------------------------//
            double grabSystemSpeed = 0;
            	grabSystemSpeed = leftstick.getX();									//Retrieves value from the leftstick's x axis and sets it to grabSystemSpeed
            	grabSystem.set(grabSystemSpeed);  									//Apply grabSystemSpeed to the grabSystem 
    	//-------------------------Lift System-------------------------//
        	double liftSystemSpeed = 0; 
        		liftSystemSpeed = -leftstick.getY();								//Retrieves value from the leftstick's x axis and sets it to grabSystemSpeed
        		liftSystem.set(liftSystemSpeed);  									//Apply grabSystemSpeed to the grabSystem
    	//-------------------------Camera Axis-------------------------//
    	double camAxisSpeed = 0; 
    		if (stick.getRawButton(3)){ 
    			camAxisSpeed = (1.0);											//Move camera axis up               
    		else if (stick.getRawButton(4)){
    			camAxisSpeed = (-1.0); 											//Move camera axis down
     * Runs during test mode. Used for testing new code/code changes.
    public void test() {