Robot Control Issues

This (last) weekend, my team 8769 Kraken competed in a Charlotte regional event (FTC.) There, we had issues with our app not detecting the robot every few minutes while in the match. The app re-detected the robot within 5 seconds but we ended up losing and unable to fix. We went to see if this was a wiring problem but found no errors in the wiring. Has anyone else had this problem. Is it just the other robots bluetooth channels?


If the communication is being lost briefly on a consistent time schedule, check for something like an Autodesk update task running on the controlling computer. Some programs like to install “helpful” background services that try to contact an internet server for new software every so often, and which freeze the networking for a few seconds when they can’t find it.

This answer assumes that the app you’re talking about is running on a computer. I don’t know the current state of FTC, so I might be completely off-base.