Robot controller lights question

We ran into a small problem with R<72> regarding the robot controller lights having to be visible 3 feet in front of the robot in playing configuration. Our robot has a cover for the electronics board and the robot controller is blocked by our gearboxes so even if we manufactured a lexan window the controller would not be visible from the front. Our proposed solution is to run a few lines of fiber optics up to the cover as the rule specifies that only the lights have to be visible. I am concerned with the legality of this solution. Does anyone know if this solution would be allowable?:confused:

The rule is all I could find. I got this from the inspection checklist though;

Accessibility: 120A main circuit breaker, distribution breakers and RC are all accessible for inspection. In addition, the RC lights must be visible while standing 3’ from front of the robot while in its STARTING CONFIGURATION.
R50, R72

I would put this in the Q&A forum. Get it answered oficially.

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We can always cut a hole in the cover and start in reverse. You said it was easier to drive that way too. I hope that our fiber optics are ruled legal as we are using the light from the RC and piping it to the cover.

FYI: We also used a 3D printer to make a plastic placard with text to duplicate the RC indicator text.