Robot Crate

We are looking to build a better crate. Does anyone have a good design that has worked well in the past? Something that is easy to load and unload a robot into.

we made the crate to fit the robot on to and put slots for 3 batteries, bumpers, etc. into, and we set the robot on the base panel and put the crate up around it.

our design wasnt fancy, but it worked :P.

Is there a reason why you want a crate? Since it is bag and tag its pointless unless you either plan on going to Champs as a second regional or only going to Champs.

Some teams can be given an exception to ship their robots in the traditional manner.

I knew that but I thought it was for only teams, like from say Hawaii, that are crossing the pound.

Or teams going to Hawaii, since there is a regional there this year.
There are probably many teams that need to ship for varying reasons.

This video explanation of how to build a crate comes to mind - You can certainly include little extras and customizations, but this seems to be a rather simple approach. My team’s crate has sat in storage for the past few years, and was built before I joined the team. However, I think it is fairly similar to the one shown in the video, except rather than screwing ours together, it is assembled using nails. Video here:

So when we ship the robot what should we stick on the crate ? I mean we must put the address of the drayage location that robot is sent. Do we need to write our own address as well ?

Shipping crates to a Regional competition is an exception to the normal process. I don’t see a clear answer in the Administrative Manual or on the web page. What I do see is section 5.9.1 of the manual:

5.9.1 FIRST is Your First Contact
If you have any questions about robot shipping rules or processes, CALL FIRST! Rules in this chapter are written and administered by FIRST, not FedEx. FIRST is not responsible for information given by representatives of outside vendors.

If you are shipping batteries, you need to put a declaration on the crate, since the batteries have lead in them. Other than that, the bill of lading should have your address and the drayage address on it. There should be plenty of room left for all of your team members to sign the crate. :smiley:

Well, yes and no. The declaration is because of the acid, not the lead.

A sign of certain dimensions stating “NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY” is required by US Federal regulations when shipping a battery of the type used in FRC.

If you want to build a crate. The instructions don’t say it anywhere but start with a standard pallet for the base.
If I remember correctly they had instructions of attaching a pair of 4x4s to the bottom some set spacing. It was always a hassle moving the crate with a forklift.
We switched out the 4x4s with a standard pallet and a ton of wood screws to secure it and never had an issue again.