Robot Dimensions

I know that the robot must be 60" x 28" x 38" to begin the match, but what dimensions must the robot stay in once the match begins?

80" diameter cylinder x unlimited height.

…, which is found in rule <R16> of section 8 of the manual, “The Robot”

<R16> Once the MATCH has started, the ROBOT may assume a PLAYING CONFIGURATION that exceeds the size dimensions specified in Rule <R11>. While in the PLAYING CONFIGURATION, the ROBOT may expand up to a maximum horizontal dimension of 80 inches (e.g. all parts of the ROBOT must fit within an imaginary 80-inch-diameter upright cylinder). There are no height limits for a ROBOT in its PLAYING CONFIGURATION at any time after the start of the MATCH.

Please note that although the 28 x 38 x 60 starting configuration limit excludes the bumpers, the 80 inch diameter playing configuration includes the bumpers. Rule R13 specifies that the exclusions (bumper, battery, flag) apply to Rule R11, not R16.

Thanks, Gary. I didn’t have my manual with me at the time. (It was on a thumb drive in another room.)