Robot Dodgeball League

Cuz, it’s the summer and off season training can get kinda boring:

5v5 robots on a blank FRC competition field. No Quals. Create a team and show up. Double Elim.

Yellow Power Cell Balls.

All standard dodgeball rules apply. Standard FRC, motor, bumper and battery rules apply.

Anyone interested?


Is there enough room on a normal field for 5v5?

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With no field elements, it will be a little tight but that’s the point

How would robots get ‘out’? Would they just be disabled?

Also where would the event be hosted?

I have a field in MI. Robot drive themselves to the side line zone.

Build smol bot and hang out in back corners.

Maybe should require robot to make a throw every 30 seconds or so.

Would sensors be used to determine if a robot gets hit by a ball, because it can be hard to see some of these things. Also how would the catch to get a robot out be implemented?

If you ever played dodgeball, it is always the small kid in the corner that gets pummelled in a 5v1.


Sensors are too fancy and over complicate the rules and the build. There will be refs and they will do the best they can as they always do.

If a robot figures out how to catch a ball, it will be pretty obvious. And the other robot goes out.

The tricky part is how a robot uses a ball as a shield. That will be the hardest thing to ref.


Also what about driver stations? Normal field only has 3 spots. Do the extra two teams go on the side of the field with their laptops? Are they set into the FMS or just directly controlled? It’s a cool idea but lots of logistics

The basic field, w/o any game specific pieces has 5 bays at each end. The 3 used for driver’s station that have the fold out shelf and two that are about half the size that do not have a shelf.

Now if is the traditional perimeter then it may not have the plexi glass for those two narrow stations. I know we don’t have any for the PNW fields since those panels are replaced with the game specific. I’m not sure if the AM field includes plastic for its extra panels.

No FMS. No auton. Direct wifi connection and the robots start moving on the whistle.


I think this would be amazing, although a larger field would be more fun imo—maybe a double-wide field? You could fit that onto a basketball court and without alliance panels or the scoring table the sides don’t need to be as wide. Direct wifi might cause interference with 10 bots, but messing with cheesy arena to get 10 bots seems a bit tricky.

I’d also absolutely love to see some madlad team grab a Jetson and some ML code and auto-detect bots by bumper color. Add in 1690’s super-auto turret and you’ve got the best dodge-bot a bot can bot.