Robot drive and camera interaction not working

I a currently working on a program that will use the camera to guide the robot, but the problem is I can’t get it to work. When I try the drive or the camera separately, it works without an issue, but when I use one to control the other, it does not work and it fills my console with

"Robot Drive... Output not updated often enough."

It I am not able to figure out what the problem is? Here is the code I used (without the teleop and class declaration, but it extends SimpleRobot)

    AxisCamera camera;          // the axis camera object (connected to the switch)
    CriteriaCollection cc;      // the criteria for doing the particle filter operation
    RobotDrive drive;
    public void robotInit() {
        camera = AxisCamera.getInstance();  // get an instance ofthe camera
        cc = new CriteriaCollection();      // create the criteria for the particle filter
        cc.addCriteria(MeasurementType.IMAQ_MT_BOUNDING_RECT_WIDTH, 30, 400, false);
        cc.addCriteria(MeasurementType.IMAQ_MT_BOUNDING_RECT_HEIGHT, 40, 400, false);
    	drive = new RobotDrive(1, 3);

    public void autonomous() {
        while (isAutonomous() && isEnabled()) {
                ColorImage image = camera.getImage();
                BinaryImage thresholdImage = image.thresholdRGB(0, 45, 25, 255, 0, 47);
                BinaryImage bigObjectsImage = thresholdImage.removeSmallObjects(false, 2);
                BinaryImage convexHullImage = bigObjectsImage.convexHull(false);
                BinaryImage filteredImage = convexHullImage.particleFilter(cc);
                ParticleAnalysisReport] reports = filteredImage.getOrderedParticleAnalysisReports();
                if(reports.length > 0)
	                if(reports[0].center_mass_x > image.getWidth() / 2 + 10)
	                	drive.arcadeDrive(0, 1);
	                else if(reports[0].center_mass_x < image.getWidth() / 2 - 10)
	                	drive.arcadeDrive(0, -1);
	                	drive.arcadeDrive(0, 0);
            } catch (NIVisionException ex) {
            } catch (AxisCameraException e) {

My guess is that processing the camera image is taking longer then the frequency of the driver station packets (20 ms). Have you tried timing each of the operations? You might have to break up the processing for each step (1st time through the loop get the image, 2nd time through the loop threshold the image, etc).

Try putting this at the end of autonomous


Another thing is that if reports.length is 0, you won’t call the RobotDrive, which will cause that message.

True. Your criteria are quite strict for a 160x120 camera

I did put an if in case it was zero, and the resolution is higher. I had tested it and there was always at least one rectangle

put this line on the top of auton