Robot Drive Not Running Fast Enough - PLEASE HELP!

I appreciate your willingness to help teams, and I don’t doubt your abilities to write good LV code.

I was making the observation that this thread, like a good number of others, seemed to divert from the original question. More importantly, it is key to make measurements for topics like this one, and I didn’t see any discussion, still don’t see discussion of code performance – other than adjectives such as faster.

Case in point, functional globals, or action engines if you want, can be quite a bit slower than a simple global, or they can be faster for some access patterns. They are a great technique to learn, but not necessarily for performance, and not necessarily required when a simple global is good enough.

Please don’t let my comments dissuade you from helping teams with their programming. And a summer training course is a very ambitious project. Thanks for doing it, and good luck. Let me know if I can help in some way.

Greg McKaskle