Robot Drive Programming

Our robot has a normal arcade drive that’s controlled with a single joystick. We coded it in Java btw. We cant turn while moving and when we try to stop the robot after it’s been moving at high speeds it tops over because the wheels just straight up stop moving. Is there there program to make the robot drive smoother?

Can you share your current drive code? Hard to diagnose the problem without it

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What kind of motor controller are you using? The code may be set for your controllers to be in brake mode, which is what’s causing the stopping. About the steering, are the motors trying to turn or not?

We’ll need to see the code.

For the record, this is a very bad control scheme and I recommend abandoning it. Put your turning and forward/backwards motion on separate joysticks.

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That’s an unnecessarily strong statement IMO. It may not be the control scheme that you or your drivers prefer, but that’s not to say that it’s “a very bad control scheme.” The best control scheme is the one that your driver feels the most comfortable with. If for this driver that’s a single joystick, then they should stick with it.

To the OP, I agree that we really need to see your code to be able to help.


Definitely not true. Our team has used this with great success. Our driving is quite good. Our bot not so much, but single joystick works very well.

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Now that people are talking about joysticks, is the one you’re using more than 1 axis?

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