robot electronics i need help

i am planing on building a mini tank using two big cims and i was wondering if victors were the only speed controller i could use and if the IFI robot controller was the only control system i could use if not is their a cheaper alternative too both situations

You could use a different speed control and a regular RC controller but you won’t get speed controls of that capability for any cheaper than that and you won’t be able to program a regular RC system.

so i will only be able to preform basic task with the RC speed controllers and receiver

In my experience, the IFI Victors tend to be more cost effective than other speed controllers. Take note, the IFI Victors are controlled by PWM input – you don’t need the expensive IFI robot controller/OI to do this, a simple RC transmitter/reciever that you can pick up at a hobby store for less than $100 will achieve the same effect (they’re meant to drive servos, which also take a PWM input).

Hope this helps.

There are other ways, but they require more work, and the purchasing of individual parts (controller wise) that must be put together with a bit of technical skill.

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Another solution is to use the VEX controller, and run the victors off of that. Or if you want a cheaper solution to a victor, try (note its only 25A)


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Check on ebay. I remember a team or team leader who bought all of the 2002 and 2003 electronic parts from IFI. The problem he found with the electronics is that they could not use the 2002-2003 electronics on there 2004-2005 robot so he decided to sell all of the electronic components on ebay. the prices were pretty ridiculous. every component began at a starting bid of .01. Though I don’t know if he ever sold them or they are still for sell, but you are almost guaranteed to find what you need on ebay. Hope this helps. :smiley:

You might want to check out Robot Combat. However, the IFI Victors are arguably the best speed controllers on the market. (As long as you aren’t running insane current through them) You might be able to find a cheaper one that would serve the purpose, but old 883s are probably the best choice. Controllers… that’s more personal preference, the Vex ones are nice though… You could try making your own speed controller out of a rheostat or high current potentiometer and a servo, but that would make a lot of heat and waste power.