Robot Frame Dimensions [POLL] + Discussion

With lots of teams realizing that the charge station will not fit 3 full sized robots with bumpers, many teams are opting for a smaller or narrower drive-base. Our team is still discussing the necessity of different types of frames, comparing the pros and cons of different size and shape drive-bases.

That being said, I’d like to know. What is your team planning on doing for their base this year?

Poll format: Size, Shape, Drivetrain
Consider a Large size anything greater than 27in in the shortest width/length and consider a Small size anything less than 27in in the shortest width/length.

  • Large, Square, Swerve
  • Small, Square, Swerve
  • Large, Rectangle, Swerve
  • Small Rectangle Swerve
  • Large, Rectangle, Tank
  • Small, Rectangle, Tank

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Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of options in the comments. Maybe the insights from other teams may influence ours and others decisions as well.

This is a plea for as many teams as possible to build a tiny Cube-only robot. Take inspiration from 148…

<20" frame dimensions are easily achievable with this design. It has the potential to easily unlock triple balances while maintaining the ability to cycle 10+ Cubes a match.

Don’t be a coward like me. Full send on tiny robot.


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