Robot Frame

Can Team Build There on Robot frame?

The rules don’t say you can’t, so yes, you can. We’ve done it almost every year.

If It OK for me ask, how do your team build there frame

There are a number of options (wood, aluminum, steel) but the aluminum kit frame holds up well in my opinion.


We have used fiberglass, wood, and steel to build frames. I suggest you discuss it as a team, and if someone on your team knows how to build things with one of the materials, then that might be a good way to go. If you don’t have enough experience with the other materials, then the kit frame is a good way to go.

The less effort you put into building the frame, the more effort you can put into the part of the robot that “plays the game”.

Thanks For the Help, I will Talk To My Team And See What They say

316 has always tig welded an aluminum frame. We recommend it all the way. It’s extremely sturdy and durable. If you have the resources to do it that way.