Robot GoPro Mount

I was wondering if anyone was willing to share any knowledge about how they mounted specifically a GoPro camera to their robot. I love watching some of the things that teams make from this kind of footage and I want to implement some in a marketing/recruitment video.

We have found that the clip part of the mount (the part that connects the camera to the other bases) attaches very well to the metal from the VEX Robotics kits via screws.

The tripod mount is probably my favorite for robot use. It easily screws on to any 1/4"-20TPI thread, such as a protruding bolt somewhere on your bot.

These seem to do the trick for our team, can put them on just about any flat surface. We have also used the roll bar mount and some other misc. ones for some unique shots. Personally I really like the 3rd person robot shots. All you have to do is find a 3 ~ ft. pole (usually square alum. for us) and then attach that to the bot with the go pro on the other side facing towards the bot.

This is what we use.

Our team has had good luck with these.

Like most teams we typically don’t like using the sticky pads since it limits your ability to move them around the robot so we usually use the adhesive pad to attach the GoPro to a small piece of lexan with holes so we can rivet or zip tie the camera where ever we want. We also found the plastic stand the camera comes in also makes for a good mount after you drill a few holes in the plastic. Go on Amazon and get a few extra mounting hardware pieces so you can move the camera into more angles and you’re good to go.

We 3d printed goPro mount, than drilled holes in it, and attached it to our 8020 about 5 totes high pointing slightly down. Some unedited video can be found here:

I do a lot of goPro stuff for my team, so I can answer any other questions if you have them.

The on-robot footage here was captured by a GoPro mounted with a flat adhesive mount to a bar of versaframe, overall it was pretty good.