Robot Handing Out Diplomas During Graduation

So one of the teachers at our school came up with a great idea to utilize the robot for graduation by handing the diplomas to the students as they came up one by one. Myself and two other seniors on our FRC team (5669) made an arm to do just that and look good while doing so. I designed the subsystem, Maverick Henry helped me manufacture it, and Lorenzo Pedroza programmed it.

Anyways, the graduation was on June 13th and it went great but the video just came out and I thought I would share it. Skip to 45:38 for the first robot action and to 1:57:11 for robot credits and a walk-through of the graduation process in first person view of the graduating senior.

If people want a technical discussion thread on the robot arm then please ask me.


i would very much like a discussion thread on that robot arm! looks beautiful!


I assume that arm just attached to the turret?

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yes. we took off the shooter and replaced it with the arm

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So awesome and inspiring! What a great way to make social distancing fun!

Two questions:

  1. Where were the operators sitting that were controlling this?

  2. Were you able to complete the whole ceremony without changing the battery?

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  1. The operators were sitting here: 1:57:32 (timestamp for video).

  2. We changed out the battery twice because the service was actually 5-6 hours (since social distancing was a thing) and because we wanted the robot to run more consistently and safely. We never went under 12V.


Oh wow! That is awesome. Love what I see and not just the robot. I really like seeing the faculty and students wearing masks and keeping distant for the most part. Our graduation just took place this past week and none of the students/teachers/faculty had on any protective gear and were not distant at all. Lots of handshakes and hugs. I cringed watching the whole thing. As a parent, all I could think of was if just one of those students contracts the virus and gets sick or worse it would be totally on the school leadership for letting it happen. Shame on them for not setting a good and appropriate example.
So, kudos to you for the great implementation of your robot and your school for doing your part to help minimize/stop the spread of the virus.


See the technical thread here: Robot Modification (Diploma Manipulation System)

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