Robot height poll

About how to tall is your robot going to be? Post details if you want.

Triple Play is a game that encourages high reach. I would expect most robots to use the entire legal starting height of 60 inches, and expand from there once the match begins.

Our robot probably won’t reach the insane heights some others will, but it still should be able to keep stacking tetras until they run out.

It was really hard to think of a mechanism, with which the arm can extend double the size of actual height. Although it took us almost three weeks to finalize the design, but we’re done now.
Our team, came up with the lightest idea ever. Our Arm can extend almost 13 ft. and is only 25 lbs. CLue: Mars Rover…??? (nahh…just kiding)
Our pics will be soon available.

We do have an arm design that extends over twice the start height.
I put 10 ft on the poll, but we’re really going to be more around 10 1/2.
Will post pics when I can.

Just remembered a bit more info, our arm is light as well. it was weighed in at 10 lbs last meeting. We are adding counter-support beams, and our actuator. I dont expect our bot to break 100 lbs (before we weigh her down!) and I dont think our arm will be over 20.

arm design can greatly affect needed height, an arm that picks up the tetra from the bottom wont need to be as high (like 22 inches shorter i believe) to get it on top of the goal, so for those of you using arms that make it over 12 feet is it safe to assume that you will pick up the tetras from the top?

Yes, but there are other advantages to picking the tetras up from the top :wink:

wow, i’m really suprised at the results of this poll. I thought we were tall, but now that i see a majority are over 12 feet. This year’s game will really be something interesting to watch. I just hope you all have some anti-tipping mechanism installed because it’s a long way down from 12 feet.

We are going up. 12+ feet. Our arm goes from its folded position to fully extended in 4 secs. Very important for Autonomous Mode.

1317’s amazing robot of doom (it has yet to be named, so I threw in the first thing I thought of. :D), can reach up to 12 feet straight up, but will probably only be able to cap up to 10 feet.

how fast can your bots reach full extension? our bot can spin the arm all the way around the bot (like a ferris wheel) but to go from ground to vertical takes 3 seconds (estimated with tetra on end).

We’re between 3-4 seconds to full extension. Havn’t actually tried it though.

Creating an arm that can reach high enough to stack enough tetrahedrons and still remain within the size limit is a turely intriging problem. We are building a prototype though, out of Legos. :o

Our robots height? Hm…I will tell you when we finish discussing if it should be 12 or 15 ft tall.

teh main thing is not going to be the height of the arm. The time span is too small even to put the 5th tetris on the Center Goal.
This year’s game actually gonna depend on the strategies, the three teams will use to represent themselves as one.

I think it will be real important the height of the bot because teams are gonna be fighting for the center the whole match who knows how high it will get. and what if you want to be able to stack from say 7ft away were able to our arm reaches 15ft straight up and i think thats a great advantage